Active Projects:

pages from my PhD    Finish my PhD. (nothing more to say...)
a chameleon in a cornel box    Real-time computation of the global illumination is distributed to multiple GPUs of a single host system. The Monte Carlo approach does not require any pre-computation and fully supports animated scenes.

Past-Time Projects:

tesselated and parallax-mapped cube    An extension to parallax mapping where locally defined higher-order functions are used to define the surface structure. The image shows a high tessellated reference and the corresponding parallax mapping result.
3D city model of stuttgart on a PDA    An efficient GPU-based 3DS-model renderer with texture support for Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 devices with OpenGL ES 1.x support. Running on a O2 Flame (Nvidia GoForce 5500, see image) and test on a LG KS20 (Qualcomm/ATI MSM7200).
three reflective spheres in a cornel box    A very simple CPU implementation of a monte carlo path tracer. Used to generate reference images for development and evaluation of future GPU-based approaches.
more to come...