Mike Eissele


Additional Info
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phone:   +49 (0)711 7816-246  
fax:   +49 (0)711 7816-340  
address:   Institut f├╝r Visualisierung und Interaktive Systeme  
    Universit├Ątsstr. 38 (locate@MS live)  
    70569 Stuttgart  

Scientific Interests and Research Areas:

Most of my research is focused on computer graphics, especially on interactive rendering--photorealistic and non-photorealistic--and visualization. Interactive and real-time approaches in CG are often achieved via graphics hardware (GPUs), so projects I worked on in my 5+ years at the university always were trageted for a GPU-based implementation, if applicable. Starting in early days with OpenGL and register combiners to "program" GPUs I now prefer to use the DirectX 10/11 SDK vs. OpenGL. However, I still have a strong knowledge of OpenGL internas due to projects on mobile devices using OpenGL ES and many project that make use of OpenSceneGraph, and OpenGL-based scene graph implementation. Further, I used several AR/VR-specific hardware in some of my context awareness projects including: stereo powerwalls, head-mounted displays, autostereoscopic displays, various tracking systems, intertial sensors, etc.

Try my projects or my publication page to find out more about projects I did.